VIew Of Sheet Harbour

Sunset in Sheet Harbour

Sunset in Sheet Harbour
By Brian Stuart

Stuffed With Lobster - The Henley House

The Henley House History  (Sheet Harbour )

The Henley House was built in 1916 by Roy and Loretta Henley and continues to operate under the
ownership of Dr.Brad Atkinson and his wife Meryl , who is originally from Wales.
The property was purchased from the Henley family in 2008 , and with love and respect it was fully renovated  and continues to operate as  The Henley House Pub and Restaurant.
A Sheet Harbour Heritage not to be overlooked when you visit the area.
Eating Well and Living Well  is ....Well you know what I am trying to say , too full to find the right words.... " c'est la haute cusine par excellence I guess ! "
 The Henley House
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