VIew Of Sheet Harbour

Sunset in Sheet Harbour

Sunset in Sheet Harbour
By Brian Stuart

Sheet Harbour Quarry

Sheet Harbour Quarry : Sheet Harbour is truly a treasure on the Atlantic ocean , One of the last pristine areas in the heart of the 100 Wild Islands.
It is an oxymoron to promote a wilderness preserve and to forge ahead with industrialization.
The Port of Sheet Harbour is over capacity as it is !  Having a commercial plant that consumes a large portion of the hardwood trees  grown in Nova Scotia and to destroy our forests and ship wood chips over seas , is by far one of the most disastrous and ridiculous ventures ever undertaken in Canada. As it is our Harbour is over industrialized and polluted , both by noise and by spills in the water. [The cure is posting signs stating that the shell fish are not edible] 
I wonder if the parties responsible for investigating the sustainability  and the impact of a Quarry in this region have done their research  conscientiously or  if they simply have been blindfolded to what will be in store for future generations . Every citizen who has the community to heart should have a say in what the future holds for themselves and their descendants.
Halifax Office
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You are invited to wake up and speak up 
 100 Wild Islands

  Think about what 50 years represents and signifies for The region and Sheet Harbour .
Will we be left with a shit hole ?

Description as follows 

This is to advise that on January 31, 2019, Dexter Construction Company Limited registered the Sheet Harbour Aggregate Quarry Project for environmental assessment, in accordance with Part IV of the Environment Act.

The purpose of the proposed undertaking is to develop a rock quarry to supply aggregate markets on the Eastern Shore and beyond with quality construction aggregate. The project is located within 81 hectares on PID 40832503 off Marine Gateway Road in Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia. The project is anticipated to commence in 2020 with initial volumes of 50,000 tonnes per year. Depending on market demand the anticipated life of the project is 20 – 50 years.

Opportunities for Public Input

Public comments on the Registration Document will be accepted until March 2, 2019.
Comments online
Comments can be submitted via our online consultation form.
In writing
The public is invited to submit written comments to:
Environmental Assessment Branch
Nova Scotia Environment
P.O. Box 442
Halifax, NS, B3J 2P8
Or, contact the department:
Phone: (902) 424-3600
Fax: (902) 424-6925
All comments received from the public consultation are posted on the department’s website for public viewing. In the case of an individual, the address, email and contact information are removed before being placed on the website. By submitting your comments, you are consenting to the posting of your comments on the department’s website.

Swiss Chalet Burnt Valentines Chicken -Nova Scotia

We went out for Valentines to have our hearts broken at Swiss Chalet in New Glasgow Nova Scotia. The Manager was rude as hell our chicken was burnt and she insulted us big time . The chicken was not eatable and because we had taken a bite she grabbed a small piece of chicken and threw it on our plate
It is pathetic that our Valentines Day was ruined because of  a dispute over a piece of  burnt chicken 

Our recommendations is if you are planing a divorce or a break up that would be an excellent choice for next Valentines. We are senior citizens and these birds of a feather  can go lay an egg
I think they may have spit in our food when they took it back to the kitchen.
I have never seen such a display of ignorance in any fast food establishment.
I could live with a high school kid burning the chicken but will not tolerate being treated like chicken shit  by  herring slingers out of their element

Sheet Harbour Lots For Sale

Building Lots for sale  1 kilometer from center of town : Mini Home ready
suitable for Log Cabin or regular Frame construction

Beth's Flowers Sheet Harbour

Welcome to my Flower Blog  Home grown in Watt Section Sheet Harbour
View my Flowers online and give me a call if you wish to place an order
Beth Dumas 902-885-3212
 Sheet Harbour Plants

Click on photo to go to Sheet Harbour Nova Scotia Plants

What you see is what we Grow

Stuffed With Lobster - The Henley House

The Henley House History  (Sheet Harbour )

The Henley House was built in 1916 by Roy and Loretta Henley and continues to operate under the
ownership of Dr.Brad Atkinson and his wife Meryl , who is originally from Wales.
The property was purchased from the Henley family in 2008 , and with love and respect it was fully renovated  and continues to operate as  The Henley House Pub and Restaurant.
A Sheet Harbour Heritage not to be overlooked when you visit the area.
Eating Well and Living Well  is ....Well you know what I am trying to say , too full to find the right words.... " c'est la haute cusine par excellence I guess ! "
 The Henley House
Click Here - The Henley House

Maritime Custom Leatherworks

Jeff & Matthew Hogg & ClarenceMisener
Maritime Custom Leatherworks
22960 Highway 7
Sheet Harbour Nova Scotia
902 - 885 - 2352