And 14,000 Dollars later

And 14,000 Dollars later

Theives and the Rescue Teams bearing Gifts

Volunteers come to help people who are desperate because they were hit by Hurricane |Dorian
If you are offered tools at bargain price just don't keep encouraging them and perhaps they will find 
another way to make a living. Everybody pays the price. A produce stand had to shut down not because of a hurricane but because of theives . We all have our views about the Nice Nova Scotia people but as fishing goes do not swallow it hook line and sinker and let your guard down.
I no longer say that I live in Sheet Harbour as I live accross the bridge in Watt section next door to Shit Harbour

Industry or Tourism or is it make your bed and sleep in it

There is nothing wrong with make work projects and industrial development
what is wrong is the deception and to attract newcommers and not divulge 
the full picture of what they will be barganing for.
If you want to retire in Nova Scotia it is not necessarily a bad move
The only thing I can add is do your homework so you know what you are barganing for.
The Hospital is operating on a shoe string and its future is very much up in the air.
Local services are not an issue if you are a handyman and are self sufficient.
Never pay in advance and you will likely not have as many surprises.
Forget suing anyone the case is nothing to do with the evidence or justice or rule of law.
Case Scenario :
I move to Sheet Harbour as I want to live near water:
I purchase a boat for $18,000 Dollars
It catches on fire at delivery
It is sent locally for repairs. (It will be costly but done right )
I am out of pocket $14,000 Dollars plus $10,000 for legal fees , paid in full .
The vessel only needed fine tuning and then there was a knock in the engine and a rag was discovered as being the culprit.
The adjucator dismissed the case ? The defendants lawyer declared I had no case ?
To all mechanics: What is the likelyhood of having a good compression test , then after working on an engine for 100 hours more or less a rag hidden in the manifold  jams the piston and seizes the engine ?
 The moral of the story:  many people in Sheet Harbour have hobbies and social media is one of mine

Don't let them pull your strings

Sheet Harbour is under the Halifax Jurisdiction
the night life is phenomenal !
You can hear the crusher all night long as it turns the majestic maple trees into wood chips for exportation overseas .
 If you find that boaring hang on they are working
on opening a quarry which should run for about 25 years.
Politicians and the well established little clicks are obviously all inbread kissing cousins ... They should sinc their violins with
those of Deliverance from the Kentucky Hills.
My name is Karma and I am on a Lobster Roll and intend to burn all their asses ... to be continued...
and this above ,  is what my boat looks like after spending $14,000.00 on repairs and $10,00.00 for a law suite with an adjucator who fell asleep and then dismissed the case.


WHY is it posted that Shell fish cannot be eaten
if the reason is not shit...  is it political ? 
Beware of phony business people who work under the table
and do not have legitimate business licenses.
I do not have to give the names their reputation preceeds them

Making News

SHEET HARBOUR, N.S. -- Police say they made two arrests after responding to a threat of violence at a high school on Nova Scotia's eastern shore.RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Jennifer Clarke says investigators responded to the threat at about 12:38 p.m., Tuesday with officers dispatched to Duncan MacMillan school in Sheet Harbour.
The spokeswoman says investigators responded to a call from a staff member at the school.
The school tweeted at about 2:30 p.m. that a lockdown had ended and "everyone is safe."
Doug Hadley, a spokesman for the Halifax Regional Centre for Education, says a teacher "overheard two students talking about a possible threat." He says police were called and there were "no signs of any weapons." Hadley said the lockdown lasted about two hours. Clarke said the investigation was continuing through the late afternoon.
Who set fires in Sheet Harbour ? Who is stealing boat motors ? Why are school kids posting nude shots online .
What will it be Sheet Harbour or Shit Harbour ? It remains to be seen and on whom controls the fan

Sheet Harbour's Dark Side

Sheet Harbour is a nice small town in Nova Scotia
We settled here as we found it was a nice small community off the beaten path.
We were always under the impression that in Nova Scotia people are friendly and welcoming.
More and more outsiders are settling in ,several from the Province of Ontario and from other parts of the country.
Our recommendations is do not leave your guard down, be as street smart as you can be and be cautious so your dreams do not get shattered.
My first friendly encounter was with someone who was going to build me a wharf:
I had to hire a lawyer to get my $5,000.00 deposit back.
Secondly I paid roughly $14,000 Dollars to have my boat repaired and took it back home with a rag in the engine. I spent $10,000 Dollars on legal fees and the case was dismissed by an adjudicator
who fell asleep on the job. One of our two friends had a metal roof installed and is in tears
as it is leaking and as they were finishing up the plaster from the ceiling came tumbling down.
I paid $1,100 dollars approximately for auto repairs and used it once.
I installed an oil fired hot water heater it lasted approximately a month before being replaced.
Shall I Go on ?
I can tell you about the guy from New York who was building his dream home which happened to get burnt to the ground and I can open a can of worms...
JUST BE Careful