VIew Of Sheet Harbour

Sunset in Sheet Harbour

Sunset in Sheet Harbour
By Brian Stuart

Sheet Harbour's Dark Side

Sheet Harbour is a nice small town in Nova Scotia
We settled here as we found it was a nice small community off the beaten path.
We were always under the impression that in Nova Scotia people are friendly and welcoming.
More and more outsiders are settling in ,several from the Province of Ontario and from other parts of the country.
Our recommendations is do not leave your guard down, be as street smart as you can be and be cautious so your dreams do not get shattered.
My first friendly encounter was with someone who was going to build me a wharf:
I had to hire a lawyer to get my $5,000.00 deposit back.
Secondly I paid roughly $14,000 Dollars to have my boat repaired and took it back home with a rag in the engine. I spent $10,000 Dollars on legal fees and the case was dismissed by an adjudicator
who fell asleep on the job. One of our two friends had a metal roof installed and is in tears
as it is leaking and as they were finishing up the plaster from the ceiling came tumbling down.
I paid $1,100 dollars approximately for auto repairs and used it once.
I installed an oil fired hot water heater it lasted approximately a month before being replaced.
Shall I Go on ?
I can tell you about the guy from New York who was building his dream home which happened to get burnt to the ground and I can open a can of worms...
JUST BE Careful 

Sheet Harbour Lots For Sale

Building Lots for sale  1 kilometer from center of town : Mini Home ready
suitable for Log Cabin or regular Frame construction

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